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My daughter has been seeing Marji for the past several weeks and we cannot be more grateful. After her last therapist left suddenly, she was worried about starting with someone new , and trying to get in with a therapist who takes her insurance was proving to be more challenging than I anticipated. I came across Mindful Youth Foundation and as I told Lisa- I immediately became emotional. Speaking with  a therapist with experience, who is available, and who doesn’t cause financial stress suddenly became possible. My daughter now has consistent support with her anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I  trust Marji and appreciate her collaboration with me and my daughter’s father. She easily built rapport with my daughter, and gives her practical tools to deal with her triggers and stressors. Thank you Lisa for making this possible. Thank you to the donors for helping not only my daughter, but countless other youth in desperate need of services. We are deeply appreciative

 I want to thank you for having this therapy for my children, we were going through changes and difficult times in our family, and they told me about this foundation that was great for us, Kelly was the person who was taking the case of my two children, a great girl and very professional, he helped my children a lot and I really liked that he was always aware of the appointments and the process of my children's changes.  She is great and I highly recommend her. I can remember that from the first day we talked to her I was able to connect and have that confidence with her.

We have been so grateful for the support our son has received through Mindful Youth Foundation. His therapist Zach has been supportive, flexible and a perfect fit for him. We have watched our son gain tools for his daily stressors and anxiety’s that allow him to continue flourishing and growing mentally and emotionally. The process was so streamlined and peaceful and as a parent that is looking for a therapist that fits our child’s needs, taking the stress out of searching was an incredible experience. I truly believe that Mindful Youth Foundation is a huge asset to teens and we are truly thankful for the opportunity for our son. 

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