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We work collaboratively with schools, community service and mental health providers in Phoenix, Arizona to create accessible behavioral and mental health services. We prepare youth to reach their highest potential by strengthening individuals, families, and communities.


Our work targets at-risk youth who have academic and emotional challenges. Utilizing a multifaceted approach, we embrace innovative and high-quality modalities to empower, encourage, and support the creation of skills, confidence, and resilience.


Our cognitive mindful based therapeutic program cultivates inclusivity and engagement, and decreases negative symptomatology. Youth learn key concepts of mindfulness, team work, stress reduction, and resiliency. All of these skills help prepare them for a successful future.

Manage thoughts. Imagine the future. Nurture their resilience. Decrease overthinking. Focus on the present. Understand their emotions. Learn to handle challenges.

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Mental illness is a worldwide epidemic and affects adolescents in higher proportions. 1 in 5 young people are diagnosed with a mental illness, though many more go undiagnosed. The symptoms of these disorders have profound influences on relationships, physical health, academic performance, social capacity, and more. 20% of this population is affected yet only 4% of the health care budget is spent on mental health.

This fact makes access to professional support extremely difficult and limits the forward progression of the next generation.


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We need your support. Take action by making a tax deductible donation to help our at-risk youth. We rely on your support to carry on our work. Thank you.

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